The Real Cat Anderson Method

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The Real Cat Anderson Method

Beitrag von Dobs » Montag 4. Mai 2009, 15:02

Ein ehemaliger Schüler von Cat Anderson hat die alte im Netz herumgeisternde Anderson Schule mit dem berühmten "20 Minuten G" überarbeitet und verkauft sie nun über seine Webseite:

Hier der Original Post aus dem Trumpetherald:
sdhinote hat geschrieben: Dear fellow trumpet players. After several years of encouragement from this and other trumpet forums and players to re-write Cat Anderson’s Trumpet Method, I have finally finished it and it is available to purchase at

I was an 8-year student of Cat’s at the time he was living in Los Angeles. My book, The Real Way to Play the Cat Anderson Trumpet Methodis a completely rewritten and reorganized book, giving you exercise by exercise instructions, written in a clear, concise manner using his original lesson plans with my personal notes from those lessons, along with input from other former students of his. I have used the knowledge gained from my own students, as well as documenting an extremely successful written only correspondence with a student in the US Navy band who went through the entire lesson plan with me while stationed in Europe.

Please take a look at my site if you want the real deal for playing in the upper register the Cat Anderson way, were discouraged because you couldn’t figure his original book out or just need more information.

Thanks! And happy playing!
Geoff Winstead
Author of "The Real Way to Play the Cat Anderson Trumpet Method"

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